Customs procedure

  • The Transport company "Fess," not only will help to organize a rapid and qualitative various types of goods, but also will provide services for customs clearance.

    Customs clearance is one of the most important and most difficult stages of transportation. Just how important and well furnished will all the necessary documentation depends on the speed of delivery, absence of fines, the smooth import/export cargo etc.
    It is therefore important to turn to professionals such as the specialists of the transport company "Fess".

    Getting help from experienced specialists of "Fess", you will get designed in accordance with the relevant legislative provisions necessary customs documents on time, and you can also order other related services, not doubting our competence and professionalism.

Useful information

  • The Customs clearance is part of the process of cross-border transportation of cargo accompanied with submission to the customs authority of the Russian Federation of a package of documents according to the legislation of the Russian Federation on the basis of which the customs authority takes the decision on the import, export or transit of goods to the Russian Federation. Any commercial goods carried across the border are subject to customs control and clearance. The handling shall be subject to the regulatory requirements, the basic rule, customs clearance is the provision of correct and reliable information about the product, failure to comply with this condition the goods may be detained and the recipient of the imposed administrative liability.
    The Customs clearance can be carried out either directly by the owner (the declarant) of the goods or customs representative acting for and on behalf of the declarant. The company "Fess" provides professional services in the field of customs clearance of commercial cargo.

Transport company «Fess» offers 5 ready-made

You can use the services of a warehouse and unload goods on customs clearance, and also to obtain specialist advice on contentious issues arising in the course of customs clearance, including:

- customs clearance;
- temporary storage of goods in bonded warehouse;
- definition of list of necessary customs procedures and documents;
- conducting customs control of goods;
- features of customs transit.

We have been successfully working in the field of customs clearance in Moscow and Moscow region for over 10 years. Our specialists have huge experience in the field of customs clearance, can not only provide competent advice, but also to resolve the issues related to the release of your goods by customs authorities.

  1. Verification of documents of the customer (contracts, invoices, certificates).
  2. the Complex customs clearance, including the identification of HS codes and calculation of customs payments, registration of the company at the customs post, the preparation and submission of the Declaration on the system of electronic Declaration, carrying out screening procedures, the release of the vehicle from the warehouse with a full set of required documents.
  3. the Certified goods – in some cases, a particular group of goods require obtaining permits non-tariff regulation – declarations and certificates of conformity, fire safety certificates, certificates of state registration.
  4. Consultation in the preparation of shipping documents: invoice, packing list, contract, filling the DEM, and others.
  5. Registration of declarations for goods is on our seal of a licensed customs representative.