Air transportation

  • The Cargo plane or services – the most secure and fastest way of cargo delivery. The minimum number of control points, and therefore fewer risks when transporting cargo, do air best option for fast and seamless transportation of valuable cargo.
    In the process air easy to monitor the safety and location of the goods, regardless of distance. To all our customers we guarantee full safety of cargo, including fragile or perishable, timely delivery stipulated in the contract.
    Transport company, "FESS" has great experience in cargo transportation of different complexity via the air, plus we deliver by air to any part of the country and around the world and at the same time fares in "FESS" is relatively low. By partnering with the largest air carriers of Russia and the world, we have a flexible approach to forming of tariff.
    Call us for a preliminary quotation the cost of air travel, our specialists will advise You on all issues of interest.

It's interesting

  • The Air is a reliable way to quickly deliver the goods anywhere in the world.
    If you order us domestic or international shipping, you can be sure of its timely delivery and complete safety. Tracking the location of cargo throughout its route to the end point, we constantly keep you informed of events. Choosing an air delivery path, You rely on speed and safety.
    Our experienced skilled professionals not only offer You optimal route and method of transport of goods, but also will help you with a full package of necessary documents, customs declarations, import licenses, etc.
    Any information about freight You can get from our experts, contacting them by phone or via e-mail.

Rules and tariffs

  • Long-term partnerships with major domestic and international airlines enables us to provide passage at affordable prices.
    To calculate the cost of air travel, you must know the conditions and place of departure, place of destination, dimensions of packages, gross weight and description of goods.
    Tariff for air cargo is calculated by a flight weight, based on volumetric or actual weight of the shipment in the ratio 1:6000.
    The advantages of the services:
    - Minimum transit times – 1 day;
    - Shipment of cargo passenger and cargo flights.
    - freight in remote and inaccessible areas;
    - Priority service at receipt and delivery of cargo at terminals;
    - The possibility of multimodal transport (for sending of settlements or in settlements where there are no airports).

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