Multimodal transportation

  • The Multimodal transportation – modern service demand, where not to do one type of transport. the delivery with another continent or in remote areas of the country is becoming faster and cheaper, if you use service multimodal transport from the transport company "Fess".
    This form of transportation is a combination of land, water and air transport, the choice of which is dependent on the required time and budget. This gives several advantages:
    - ability to optimize transportation expenses;
    to expedite delivery as necessary;
    - optimal construction of long-distance routes.
    We select the appropriate options / multi-modal transportation of cargo that match your needs. To meet in a short time or a compressed budget is always possible with "Fess".

multimodal transportation

  • The most convenient multimodal transportation – container. This method of transport provides easy loading and unloading, which saves time you change vehicles.
    When delivering small volumes of cargo that are insufficient for a whole container, you can take advantage of partial loading, when different orders are combined for optimization of transportation.
    Along with its convenient logistics, the container serves as an additional protection for the cargo, ensuring its safety during transportation and loading operations.

The complex of transport services

  • Ordering multimodal transportation in "Fess," you don't have to worry about the little things. We take:
    -supply of vehicle for loading;
    - preparation of optimal routing and selection of suitable transport;
    - verification and registration of accompanying documents;
    - loading and unloading operations;
    - insurance of goods;
    - delivery to the specified address;
    - customs clearance.
    To multimodal transportation we accept all types of cargoes, including oversized and require special shipping. It can be goods with the need for special temperature conditions or dangerous goods – we always select the best conditions for their delivery.

Geography of deliveries

  • The Transport company "Fess" offers delivery of goods from anywhere in the world.
    This opportunity provides us a large network and years of experience, so now we use all types of transport and easy to deal with the legal and customs.

Advantages of cooperation

  • The multi-modal logistics with "Fess" is simple and profitable. Each client we select the best routes, modes of transport and traffic conditions, and helps us in this:
    - experience with 2003;
    - staff of qualified specialists;
    - developed partner network;
    - established mechanisms of work;
    - thorough knowledge of legislative peculiarities of international and domestic transportation.
    If you need to deliver the goods on time and cost the transport company "Fess" is exactly what you need! Fill out the request right now on the website and You will feel all the advantages of the multi-modal transportation of cargo.

Multimodal logistics

  • The multi-modal logisticstransport of goods under contract with one carrier using various types of transport. The organization multimodal transport of goods you need to start with an integrated approach to the planning of the route of the cargo. You should carefully consider the schedule with loading and Parking places on the way. This is important because one overlooked detail can follow downtime and, as a consequence, the loss of not only time but also money.
    Professionals transport company "Fess" take an active part in the organisation of the multi-modal logistics by tracking all phases of transportation, planning the route, finding the right transport for delivery to the final destination. Our specialists are working out the best routes, both in price range and time of transportation, do not forget about the safety of the cargo.

Useful information

  • Conventionally, multimodal transportation can be divided into two areas: domestic multimodal transport - are on the territory of one country, and Intercontinental multimodal transport freight in different countries of the world.
    Employees of the transport company "Fess" is not only will organize the shipment of goods, will issue the relevant documents and certify goods, but also will help to overcome all customs problems that may arise. We take care of all freight forwarding by multimodal transportation.

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