What is project logistics?

  • The services of the transport companies actively use not only natural persons, who need one-time or with a certain frequency around the world to deliver their goods. In our almost boundless in today world, a world of unlimited possibilities and washable borders – to deliver the most diverse types of cargo accounts and legal entities – large corporations, factories, factories. The usual, the usual types of delivery are not in demand here, and in the foreground the most difficult but also most interesting sector of the system deliveryproject logistics.
    the Project logistics is a complex of measures aimed at a holistic solution to the issues shipping non-standard cargo for large companies (often construction or industrial). Such bulky, heavy cargo, the delivery of which need special skills, money and time, called the design. Accordingly, project logistics is, so to speak, custom logistics "under key". We are compiling a project shipping your goods and transport them to any specified part of the world.

Why_to cooperate with us is profitable?

  • The Transport company "Fess" is project delivery.
    Our staff have huge experience in the field of project logistics, successfully applying the acquired knowledge and practical skills when finding solutions to your problems.

The scheme of delivery of project cargoes

  • It is clear that, with a few words "make project of transportation of your goods" hiding the difficult and systematic work of a team of professionals, whose work is aimed at easy transportation of your goods.
    Schematically we can represent this complex process into three stages:
    - Design;
    - Selection of vehicles and containers;
    - Obtaining consents from road services;
    - Coordination of import/export procedures with customs authorities;
    - shipping;
    - Customs clearance.
    In the early stages of the project logistics specialists of the transport company "Fess" assess possible routes, transport infrastructure, technical capabilities of the transportation of goods and choose the best option. This option, as well as the calculation of cost of works is agreed with the client and finalized according to his desire. Given the complexity and consistency of services for an individual client is assigned a project Manager who will be a guide along the way of implementation of the order.
    The second phase represents the realization of the most complex of services in customs clearance. This, above all, assistance in the preparation and development of documentation (including cargo insurance, coordination with customs and obtaining all permits, etc.), as well as the organization of cargo storage.
    Finally, the third stage – transportation and customs clearance. It can be successful only under ideal implementation of the first two phases, and that therefore, we cannot neglect their importance. The third stage is loading of goods in special vehicles, the implementation of overloading, as well as tight control and support throughout the entire route.

Project logistics

  • The Project logistics is a set of activities aimed at implementing large-scale projects for delivery of oversize and outsize cargo "under key". Including the execution of all documents by way of cargo across the borders of different States.
    When it comes to implementing labour-intensive projects for transportation and heavy loads, it is necessary to attract skilled professionals, as the manage complex transportation large-scale projects requires corresponding staff qualifications, duties which included the identification of potential problems and rapid decision-making.

    Transport company "Fess" has been operating since 2003 and in all modesty we can say that our specialists are professionals of the highest level. The constant pursuit of perfection, attention to quality and reliability of performed freight allow you to translate our professionals with the most ambitious goals in the project logistics.
    Transport company "FESS" offers optimal solutions to freight project logistics by road, sea, rail and air transport, as well as mixed supply schemes (multimodal logistics).
    depending on the type of cargo, destination, requirements for delivery time and freight cost, we are developing integrated logistics solution.

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