of Banking equipment
of Office equipment

Our advantages

  • The Transport company "Fess" provides a wide range of services for the transportation of high-tech goods used in financial institutions, retail, warehouses for accounting and processing of goods.
    The specialists of our company professionally, efficiently and reliably organize the transport-specific banking equipment (of safes, terminals, ATMs, scanners, data terminals and other equipment and technology), as well as office and commercial equipment.
    We provide the following services:
    - selecting vehicle and development of the route;
    - the taking of the goods from the sender;
    - handling;
    - packaging equipment in protective materials;
    - the involvement of special machinery, equipment (cranes, loading ramps, winches, cars with tail lift) and the loader.
    It is worth noting that in our work we use special machines and tools equipped with special clamps, fixtures, and boards that enable you to reliably protect and fix the Bank equipment in the course of transport.

Why_work with us?

  • The company «Fess» guarantees you a professional approach to transportation of cargoes. In our work we use modern technological developments, precisely follow the existing rules and requirements, we offer favorable conditions of cooperation. We will do our best to save you the trouble and hassle we guarantee that shipment of your goods is a reliable, high-quality, safe and timely.

Transportation of banking equipment

  • The Transport equipment must be made quickly, efficiently and at a high level of security.
    Kiosks, ATMs, safes with electronic security systems and other units, in spite of its massive appearance, are finely tuned mechanisms that need careful handling.
    That is correctly organized by the transport can lead to malfunction or damage expensive equipment.

    Employees of the transport company "Fess" have experience in transportation banking devices, so will do everything possible to avoid any troubles that may arise in the course of delivery.

Transportation of office equipment
for retail

  • The Transportation of commercial equipment provides for the carriage of cargo of different weight and dimensions.
    Depending on the type of design that can be molded and team, select the most suitable transport.

    In the framework of the international transport Bank and commercial equipment our company provides delivery services, customs clearance, certification and insurance of cargoes, and also enables the responsible temporary storage.

Transportation of banking equipment

  • The Professional transportation of banking equipment can be arranged far from all transportation company.
    The company "Fess" offers a unique industry solution transportation as a Bank equipment and transportation of office equipment. the Transport ATMs, and other valuable equipment is classified as the most risky operations.
    The Transport equipment – it is responsible, time-consuming and laborious due to its fragility, the high probability of damage during transportation, and high cost.

    Employees of the transport company "Fess" have extensive experience in transportation of various banking equipment.
    In each case, our experts approach this task individually, take into account all nuances and wishes of our customers. We have our own transport and permanent staff – which is why we offer our customers the most competitive rates.

    As no one familiar with the transport equipment and office equipment. You don't have the extra time to explain us about the transportation.
    With this type of work is able to cope only professionals with extensive experience, such as working in transport companies «Fess».

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