of Alcoholic beverages

Our advantages

  • The company "Fess" provides export / import of bulk cargoes, in particular, various types of alcoholic beverages:
    the - strong drinks (vodka, cognac, whiskey, balsams, liqueurs);
    - drinks with alcohol content over 12%;
    - beverages with alcohol content below 12%;

Why_is the transportation of alcohol
you can trust the company «Fess»?

  • - Experience in transportation of alcoholic beverages and compliance with all requirements imposed by regulatory authorities.
    - Careful preparation: from the development and preparation of rolling stock and ending with customs clearance.
    - Compliance with the special requirements for transit depots.
    - Prevent theft of cargo at all stages of carriage.
    - Insurance and freight forwarding (important for transport of elite alcohol and large quantities of goods).
    - Prompt delivery of goods to the recipient.
    - Need a full complex of services on transportation of alcoholic beverages? We offer you cooperation on favorable terms.

of alcoholic beverages

  • Cargo transportation of alcoholic beverages differs from the transport of conventional food. Under current law, the shipper and consignee of alcoholic beverages must be licensed to sell them. Transport company "Fess" is ready to offer a ready industry solution for the delivery of alcoholic beverages. Delivery of alcoholic beverages can be carried out by sea, air or by rail, but the most popular transportation of alcoholic products by motor transport. Indeed, in this case, we can provide the most optimal conditions for the cargo. The car ensures prompt delivery from place to place without unnecessary loading and unloading.
    For transport, carrying out transportation of alcohol, there are clear rules. The machine should be covered, and the cargo compartment is maintained zero temperature. Alcoholic beverages cannot be delivered along with chilled and frozen products. And shipping requirements vary depending on the destination: in our country or abroad, type of alcohol: vodka, wine, cognac and characteristics of containers: glass, plastic, liquid cargo.
    We know all the nuances in transportation of alcohol and strictly observe all the conditions of safe transport, and show how in each case it is best to organize the delivery with the maximum benefit for the client.

Transportation of alcohol:
rules and features

  • The specifics of such goods requires the carrier of a competent and responsible approach. br>
    When transporting large quantities of alcoholic beverages for long distances, our specialists take into account the following nuances:
    1. Temperature.
    Alcoholic beverages is a sensitive load, which does not tolerate extreme temperatures.
    The best option – figure 11-12°C for spirits, wine and champagne (beer temperature regime is wider).
    For the transport container of alcoholic products it is necessary to use specially equipped refrigerated vans or refrigerated trucks (for bulk tank with a heat insulation wall).
    2. Load securing.
    Secure attachment – the key to product integrity.
    However, there are different situations, so often the contract stipulates the rules of the fight in the transportation of alcoholic beverages.
    Binding type, and conditions of carriage is determined in each individual case, depending on the type and packaging of the transported products.
    When transporting drinks crates it is important to consider stacking height and to ensure the fastening by means of straps and stretch marks to ensure the immobility of the boxes.
    3. Light conditions.
    Transportation of alcoholic beverages, particularly that which is transported in a transparent container, must be made in a closed transport to the cargo did not get the sun or neon lights.
    4. Documents.
    Transportation of alcohol requires strict registration of the cover and permits.
    Special attention must be paid to brand, the product must be covered with the brand prior to importation into the country of destination.
    During an import to the import of goods into the territory of the Customs Union.
    Draw your attention to the fact that the transportation of bulk alcohol products is only possible in the presence of a license for the carriage of dangerous goods by each mode of transport (road, rail, air).
    5. Customs clearance.

    Experienced declarants our company can easily prepare a Declaration and release the goods in free circulation through one of the posts of excise Central Excise Customs.

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