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  • The Transport company "Fess" provides cargo transportation services for growing sectors of industry – engineering and manufacturing industry. Our experts will help you to carry out the transportation of industrial equipment, valuable cargo, specialized and heavy equipment and spare parts.
    The logistics and engineering industry closely related to each other: industries periodically to increase production capacity and upgrade production lines, which is why they need timely, quality and safe delivery of goods.
    For transport of heavy and oversized cargo we use different types of transport, modern methods of loading and storage of goods. the Transportation stages:
    1. Training. the transportation route Planning, clarification of terms, assistance in preparation of documents, selection of appropriate vehicle (including the weight and dimensions of equipment for multi-boot method).
    2. Engineering exploration and obtaining permits for transportation of oversized cargo (for international shipping).
    3. Customs clearance of goods. Optimization of customs payments.
    4. Handling.
    5. The Transport equipment. Control and monitoring of the cargo movement in real time.
    6. Unloading of equipment, checking integrity and completeness.
    For transport equipment of machine-building industry can be used containers, and in particular the dimensions of the protective film and the special packaging (wooden frame or box), which can ensure the safety of the cargo, protecting it from damage, secure fit and maximum stability during transport.

Logistics industrial sector:

  • The Transportation to the manufacturing industry mining, engineering, metallurgy, woodworking, light and food industries require careful and thorough preparation. br>
    Among the nuances of working with these types of goods should note the following:
    - many commodity items;
    - the need for documentation;
    - various locations loading of goods;
    - the need for decisions on the classification of goods from the Federal customs service and competent authorities at transportation of oversized/heavy cargo;
    - the arrival of the goods batches at different times.

    To meet the needs of customers, specialists of the transport company "Fess" is ready to offer the services of Express air delivery and customs clearance in airports, transportation of goods as groupage cargo to minimize cost and delivery of sea containers.

    Contact us and we will find the best solution in the shortest possible time!

Logistics industrial sector

  • The Engineering is one of the branches of heavy industry, which produces technological equipment, machines of various capacities and assignments, as well as products for the defense industry.

    Transport company "Fess" offers cooperation in the industry logistics industrial sector.
    Our specialists can always offer ready-made and a non-trivial solution for logistics in the field of engineering and processing industry, to develop the best logistics schemes of transportation of engineering products and transport equipment industrial sector.

    Transport company "Fess" is organization of the transportation equipment industry — a wide range of engineering products and of manufactures.

    The Organization of transportation of cargoes for mechanical engineering, is a comprehensive approach in which no detail.
    We consider all the nuances of logistics solutions transportation of goods for industrial sector.
    Specialists of the transport company "Fess" professionally advise You on all matters related to logistic solutions, You can call us or request a call back from the website.

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