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  • The Container transport freight, at which transportation of cargo is carried in containers. the Container transport relate to a convenient and relatively inexpensive means of transporting cargo, regardless of delivery region: China, America, Vladivostok and Kazakhstan.
    The containers can be transported virtually any goods made to the relevant transport regulations. The containers can be transported by any means of transport – road, rail, sea or air. This is especially useful when multimodal transport when you use different vehicles, for example, vehicle and marine vessel.
    The Container transportation in Russia – one of the best options, as our country has a very large area and basically other methods of transportation are not suitable for different types of goods.
    The main advantage of container transport - shipping in a container on long distances cheaper than road transport. The containers are of different volumes, but they are usually equipped with standard mounts. With these mounts the loading and unloading of cargo easy to carry special equipment, which significantly reduces the cost of manual labor.
    Employees of the transport company "FESS" will develop the optimal route is container transport of your cargo and, if necessary, will consult you on all questions.

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  • The Container transport is the delivery of goods by any mode of transport in the standardized international container. The containers are different sizes, but the most commonly used 20 pound containers and 40-foot. Almost all containers have the same width (8 ft. / 2,44 meters) and the location of the attachment that allows you to optimize the storage and transportation of various types of containers on one vehicle. The external dimensions and capacity adjusts ISO 668.
    The Container transport allows you to change the appearance of the vehicle during transport, without unloading or loading of the container and gain access to the product. It is the intermodality of this container made container transport the most popular form of freight transportation. In addition, the volume and cost reduction contribute to significant reduction of cost of container transport, which also makes it very attractive in terms of delivery.
    The unit TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit), equal to the volume of twenty-foot container used for the calculation of the capacity of ships and ports. To date, there are 10 classes of container ships with different sizes and capacity. Maximum is Post-Triple E-Class volume of about 21000 TEU.

Types of containers

  • On the basis of standard modules 20 pound container and 40-foot container there are various containers:
    standard DC or GP container (dry container / general purpose) for General use. Ventilation is not available. Classic height 8.5 feet / 2,591 meters, but 40-foot containers are the increased height NS to 9.5 ft / 2,896 m (High Cube). The symbol PW indicates increased internal width to 2,438 m to be able to put 2 rolled around, making maximum use of the space;
    - installed reefer installation have the designation RT (RE, RS, RF), ventilation c – VH, c open roof – OT with opening roof – HT, container platform without walls – FR (PL), isolated – HR, tank-container for transportation of liquids – TN, for the carriage of bulk cargoes – BU.
    In addition to the 20 pound container and 40-foot containers, with container transport uses the same 10-pound containers, 45 pound and 48-foot containers, having different length and capacity. Maximum capacity 20 pound container and 40 - foot GP container is 30 to 400 kg.
    The volume for 20 ' GP: 33.1 m3, m3 67.5 40 GP, 40 HC 75.3 m3.
    If it is impossible to fill the container entirely (due to insufficient volume of the consignment of), use mixed transportation. In this case, one container is delivered to the cargo of several clients paying only occupied parcel volume containers.

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