of cargoes

Delivery of cargoes

  • The Transportation of groupage cargo is the mode of transportation in which different-size loads are delivered to multiple customers by a single vehicle in one direction.
    If you want to send a small batch of products, it is pointless to pay for a whole truck or container, the majority of which will remain empty.
    delivery of cargoes allows with minimal cost to solve the problem of transporting small volumes of goods.
    the cost of the vehicle or container for rail transport, divided by all senders. Each client pays only for the amount of freight container or transport that actually takes its cargo.

    The delivery of cargoes significantly reduce the cost of the carrier and, accordingly, significantly reduce the shipping rates of the goods for clients.
    - Designed logistic routes, a wide complex of transport-forwarding services, great rates – it's not all the benefits for which our clients choose the transport company "Fess" as your carrier. br>delivery of cargoes with the help of our company – is a guarantee of delivery reliability and compliance with the terms of carriage.

The advantages of consolidated cargo

  • The delivery of cargoes is the possibility of transportation of all shipments from anywhere in the world without any extra costs. If the load volume is small, such a service would be the best solution for cost optimization for transportation.
    Groupage cargoes are delivered in some cases. The most common case of delivery of groupage cargo – when cargo volume is small and it is not enough to fill the chosen form of transport or packaging (for example, when container shipping you will pay only for the space occupied, and not for the whole container). This allows:
    - to ensure short delivery time;
    - optimize transportation costs;
    - profitable to deliver the goods even from the most remote and uncomfortable places of the world.
    Transport company "Fess" offers the transport all types of cargo in any quantity. For transportation of cargoes we have all the necessary resources. This:
    - developed transportation network that includes air, road, rail and sea transport;
    - years of experience in international and domestic transportation;
    - legal literacy and qualified professionals, including customs clearance.
    Because of this, we offer our customers the best delivery of cargoes, taking into account their features as well as requirements for delivery time and the available budget. If necessary, we deliver the goods by several modes of transport, especially for Intercontinental transportation. This allows you to choose the optimal time and budget, and the organized system of working on such a scheme provides high reliability and ease of control.

An integrated approach to transportation

  • Using "Fess", you can forget about the little things. We take care of all the nuances of the delivery of cargoes, so you don't have to waste your time.

    Our services include:
    - the construction of optimal route and the choice of a suitable mode of transport;
    - supply the vehicle at the warehouse of the sender;
    - reloading and storage in transit warehouse of consolidation;
    - check (if necessary) processing of shipping documents;
    - customs clearance for export;
    - international shipping to a specified place;
    - customs clearance on import and storage services.

    In addition, we provide insurance cargo, which is an additional protection of your company from unforeseen circumstances and provide special handling for some categories, for example, dangerous goods or which require special temperature or another mode.
    To make the order for delivery of groupage cargo, leave the application on our website or call us.
    Our managers calculate the optimal freight transportation will offer additional services.
    Transport company "Fess" delivery of cargoes becomes even more profitable, faster and easier!

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