of Medical goods

Our advantages

  • The Transport company "Fess" provides services for transportation of specific goods – medical products. This is possible thanks to existence of own vehicle fleet, that have high specifications that meet the requirements to transportation of medical devices. The Transportation of medical supplies we tend to carried out with the use of refrigerated semi-trailers equipped with temperature recorders. On all transit devices record the temperature inside the trailer.
    The Transport equipment and supplies:
    The medical equipment Transport is a complex task, which can solve the specialists of the transport company "Fess". Diagnostic, laboratory, surgical and other types of equipment often have non-standard dimensions, and they are quite fragile and sensitive to external influences. Transportation expendable medical supplies also requires maximum control at all stages of transportation, but unlike the equipment, supplies occupy a sufficiently large volume with low weight.

Medical transportation:
basic requirements

  • The Transport equipment we provide a vehicle with high performance ride, use quality tools and special fastening of the frame structure to secure the equipment, comply with the requirements to the temperature mode. The Transport company "Fess" in the transport of medical goods guarantee:
    - protect the goods from exposure to various environmental factors;
    - availability of sanitary books at drivers of vehicles, and freight forwarders;
    - careful and accurate delivery of goods.
    - verification of shipping documents and permitting documents for the supplied party.
    - rapid customs clearance - hour customs post.
    Employees of the company "Fess" have experience in transportation of medical goods, therefore can always offer you the most effective logistics solution for the delivery of such goods.

Transportation of medical goods

  • When transportation of medical devices, as with the production should adhere to the basic requirements of the production process, which in most cases are set out in the special technical or operational documents. the Transport company "Fess" offers a turnkey solution for transport of medical goods. We will find the shortest and convenient route to carry your goods. Employees of the company "FESS" comply with all the necessary technology to operate a goods of medical purpose. In the process of transportation of medical products is constantly monitored by our managers, examining the route of delivery and the compliance time. With the help of the transport company "Fess" you can convert medications, equipment for hospitals and clinics and other medical products.
    The Medical equipment transported in universal containers. We pay special attention to the safety of medicines, as some medical products can only be transported in special refrigerated chambers. Pharmaceutical products are transported in insulated or refrigerated vans that allows you to set a specific temperature and level of humidity. Thermoindicators enshrined on the walls of the transport, record deviations from required climatic regime. In the Park of the transport company "Fess" are needed for a transportation of medical goods cars-refrigerators. Order right now contact form call – we will consult You on all questions related to transportation of medical goods.

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