Children's clothing and shoes

Our advantages

  • Transport company "Fess" provides trucking services clothing and footwear in different scales ranging from local transportation to international.
    we provide a wide range of services:
    - collection of goods from the supplier;
    - the goods to the warehouse of consolidation;
    - commercial inspection of goods;
    - handling;
    - international shipping anywhere in the world;
    - obtaining certificates and declarations of compliance, SGR;
    - responsible warehousing;
    - insurance of goods all risks;
    - customs clearance.

    The Transport clothing, shoes for children and adults, as well as any other product, has its own specifics. The specialists of "Fess" will see to it that carried clothing and shoes profit to the recipient in one piece.
    Before you make a transportation of clothes and shoes, it is necessary to develop the route, the optimal reliability and cost, and choose the most suitable vehicle, depending on point of origin and destination:
    - from the countries of Europe and Central Asia, as a rule, transportation carried out in covered vehicles;
    - from Asia in containers by sea or rail;
    - from any country you can always carry out air sending of your consignment of any size and weight.
    Need a reliable partner for transport clothes and shoes?
    Transport company "Fess" is open to long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation!

The features of the cargo
of clothes and shoes

  • It is important to understand that keeping temperature and humidity conditions in transit warehouses and in vehicles directly affect the safety, otherwise, after unloading you can get a defective product, therefore, competent the selection of vehicles plays an important role.
    As packaging clothes and shoes can be used boxes made of cardboard, bales, pallets, plastic or fabric covers, special containers with shelves, rods and hangers, as well as universal and specialized containers types DV, DC, GP. Useful would be the use of absorbent substances in the containers for transportation.
    We should also mention international freight transport clothing and shoes of famous brands. Typically, the senders are complementary goods related products (accessories, hangers, catalogs, corporate packages and other things). In this case, custom design and shoes requires careful preparation and compliance with a number of special requirements, obtaining permission from the holders of trademarks. the Transportation, children's clothing and shoes can be carried out by various parties. At the request of the client we can provide services for re-packing and taping goods in transit warehouse. When the international carriage of clothes and shoes in large quantities our specialists will determine the HS codes of all types of products, calculate fees and produce a customs clearance.

children's clothing and shoes

  • Transport company "Fess" is international shipping and offers a full range of transportation, logistics and custom services in the field shipping children's clothing and shoes from anywhere.

    We offer ready industry solution trucking children's clothing and shoes. In most cases, transportation of clothes and shoes are by multimodal logistics marine and road transport.
    The scheme and the route shipping is selected for each client individually. Be aware that children's clothes requires additional certification. For each item you want to comply with all formalities, to eliminate any shortcomings. Should be clearly stated that goods.
    When transportation, children's clothing and shoes, we take into account all the nuances and specifics of freight transportation in the industry.

    Specialists of the transport company "Fess" understands the importance of fast delivery of Your cargo and therefore will develop the best logistics solution for the client. To the cargo was delivered by the deadline and had no problems at customs, documentation, product must be perfect, we will help with customs clearance and we will assist you in preparing all the necessary documents.
    Contact us right now for a professional solution for shipping children's clothing and shoes.

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